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Merc World World Record

After talking to a friend and reading EVO today we went to Mercedes World at Brooklands, UK. Mercedes turn 125 years old this year so their was a lot going on at the museum from the first Mercedes, the Benz Patent-Motorwagen invented by Karl Benz in 1885 and unveiled July 3, 1886 to the current F1 Mercedes car.

Not only were Mercedes celebrating 125 years they were also setting records, today the the longest Power Slide (Drift) was broken with over 12 laps in the Mercedes C63 AMG.

Entry is free and well worth a visit.

Some pictures posted below from the day.






VAG the mini hot hatch debate

Which VAG that is the question? I’m on my way to the Hemel ski centre, sat in my friends Skoda Octavia Vrs. We were having a debate about the best VAG and what we thought was the best looking and good value for money VAG hot hatch. On our journey we saw most of them.

Skoda Fabia Vrs £15,700 – in the last year this car has had a facelift and new engine 1.4 turbo and supercharger producing 180 Bhp with the DSG 7 Gear box, the cheapest here. Most people have resignations about the name you shouldn’t as it is just a VAG, I know that is easy to say and I for one still struggle, for me they need to make the car more appealing in the looks department and then I feel the name will become less of an issue.

VW Polo GTI £18,790 – the second most expensive here and personally can’t really see a place for it, it has the same engine as the Skoda, same looks the same, only difference being the badge.

Audi A1 S-Line 185 £20,705 – the newest of the VAG mini hatches and producing slightly more power 185bhp has a more aggressive look, and from the front could be mistaken for any of its bigger brothers. The most expensive of the VAG’s but is it really worth in. The part-leather sport seats have been beautifully created and feel great. I can’t help but love the front grill very aggressive looking, however it’s still a very box’y looking car which for some this is fine but from me it’s needs to have more curb appeal. The price is the main factor I wouldn’t put this in top position, however the residuals are high.

Seat Ibiza Cupra £17,020– with the same engine as the Skoda, with some Spanish flare, this for me is the best looking of all and the second cheapest, for me makes it the best choice. The exterior looks more aggressive with all the lumps and bumps are in all the right places. The interior has been well throughout.

So what is my choice well that wouldn’t be a VAG it would be the Clio RS 200 £16,810 as the DSG isn’t as engaging, has more power and a fantastic chassis. However taking that out of the equation for looks and price it has to be the Seat followed by the Skoda.




Abarth by Romeo Ferraris

Romeo Ferraris has tuned this 500C Abarth

To commemorate the 52nd anniversary Romeo Ferraris has tuned a 500C Abarth.

The New Abarth 500C Anniversary upgrades the standard 138Bhp 500C with the Competition Engine Kit to produce 200Bhp, this kit includes new turbo, Air Filter, ECU-remap and exhuast.

To help stop this beast Brembo brakes have been added.

More noticable on this special edition is the Romes Ferraris two-tone chrome body in silver and red with red intieor trim set on 8 x17-inch rims

Read more:


RS Megane 250 For French Police

The French Police have purchased 70 RS Megane 250 fully spec’d with Cup chassis.

The current RS is equiped with 250 Bhp and 340Nm of torque and 0-62 6.0sec, which is expected to be tuned with more power for the Police.

If your planning a driving trip abroad watch out for these new blue numbers.


Clio RS 2012

In this months Auto Express they reveal Renault’s new Clio Face lift on the Clio RS. this time it’s not just a face lift, but a change under the bonnet as well, instead of the none-eco friendly 2.0 litre 205 BHP in the current 200, they will swap this out for a much more eco friendly 1.6 Turbo producing 220 BHP, expect to see the same gear box, interior and cup chassis

The new nose comes from the inspiration of the DeZir Renault Concept car

The new RS is expected late 2012 expected to start at £17,500 for the cup (hardened) and the standard (luxurious) £18,500


2009 Clio RS 200

Renault Sport Clio is back in the form of the 200, the car has had a formula 1 face lift rear exhaust update. The 2009 Clio still houses the 2.0-litre from it’s predecessors, which has been turned to provide an extra 8Bhp 205Bhp and 215Nm of Torque at 5,400rpm.

With the new engine setup acceleration is quicker and CO2 emissions have decreased. 0-62 6.9sec and 34.5mpg

The 200 comes in three flavours Cup, Standard and Gordini. The Standard and Gordini comes with more kit, while the Cup is built for uncompromising driving pleasure. The good news is the the Cup can be added to Standard and Gordini

This is the best hot hatch in the class wining awards year on year since the release of the 197

See more here:

Prices From : £16,810
Engine: 2.0-litre 4cyl, 205bhp
Transmission: Six-speed manual, front-wheel drive
0-62mph: 6.9 seconds
Top speed: 141mph
Economy: 34.4mpg
CO2: 190g/km
Equipment: Electric windows, 17-inch alloys, trip computer, aluminium pedals, CD stereo, adjustable leather steering wheel
On sale: 15 May 2009


My RS Clio 197

I have been fortunate enough to have driven a whole range of sports cars from M3 to Ferrari 355 F1 in my life

I have to say my little Clio 197 was one of the best, you feel connected to this little car, due to it’s delivery of speed, ok it’s not as quick as some other cars I’ve driven but the 16v 2.0l loves to be pushed and it sticks to the road far better, lots more fun down our ‘B’ Roads and local country lanes.

The extierer design is one of the best in the hot hatch arnear; with widerned wheel arches, side intakes, F1 rear deffusioner all sitting on 17″ wheels.

I owned the little RS for 2 years and was used as my main car. Unfortunately she had to go last year due to family commitments, I hope in the near future to own another Clio RS

194bhp, 215 Nmn of torque, 199 g/km CO2 emmissions and 0-62 6.9 secs.


Tcar 3.0 new look using wordpress

For a log time now tcar site has been left dormant, so I have now updated the site to use wordpress, and hopefully I get the time to create new blog posts and update the content on the site

If you have any comments please contact me.