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ICE Advise

1. Power Rate of speakers

When buying speakers you need to be careful that you are looking at the correct power rating. When going into places like Halfords or the internet you might find some speakers that state that the are 130W (at £50) – what they are not telling you is that the 100W is rated using PMPO which in fact is about 30W RMS which is a lower wattage than the ones in your car already!

When buying speakers make sure that the wattage shown is RMS and not PMPO

good 95W RMS speakers are about £100.

2. AMPing the Speakers or using the Head Unit Power

Now that you have bought the higher wattage speakers you might find that they don’t give you the expected clarity and punch this will be because the Head unit that you have wired the speakers into is unable to keep up with the speaker power.

To improve this you will need to look at installing an AMP that is able to power the speakers (It might be worth buying the AMP to be able to power more the wattage of the speakers)

4. Music being played though the unit

The next factor to look at is the type of music in this case not Rock, Pop, Classic but instead minidisc, tape, mp3, CD, DVD.

For example: When playing an MP3 though your new powerful speakers you will probably get distortation – this is not because of the speakers but instead the MP3 (compression) however playing the same song that is on a CD (WAV) the clarity is then improved

3. Other Factors:

Wires – don’t buy cheap as this will also effect the clarity.
Position of speakers – make sure that they are at the right height (this is not all ways possible)

Head Unit, AMP – are other things to look at.

For more information please see and…=&threadid=2899 or your local ICE Dealer