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Colt Door Speakers

Colt Door Speakers


16.5cm speakers and 2.5cm tweeters (Infinity Reference 6500cs 90w RMS) , Sheet of MDF 10mm deep, speaker cable and clips (autoleads and halfords),

Bigger pictures availablehere

Step 1: Open Door
Step 2: Remove screw from door handle and then remove
Step 3: Remove connector from handle by pushing the white clip in and then release.
Step 4: On the door card remove plastic cap and then remove screw
Step 5: Remove the screw from the door lock then remove plastic surround
Step 6: Now pull the door card off (I found starting at the bottom where the speaker is was best)
Step 7: Now unscrew the speaker (not the plastic holder)
Step 8: Unclip the speaker cable
Step 9: Now remove the plastic holder from the door
Step 10: Use the plastic holder to mark out new speaker holder using MDF
Step 11: Cut out speaker holder (speaker hole may require tweaking)
Step 12: Mount new speaker to MDF holder
Step 13: Place tweeter holder plastic corner on the door where they will be mounted and mark drill holes
Step 14: Remove plastic corner from door (just need to pull this off)
Step 15: Drill out screw holes and hole for the speaker cable
Step 16: Mount tweeters
Step 17: Place back onto door
Component System
Step 18: Remove the lid from the unit by squeezing the sides
Step 19: Cut out shape to fit Component unit with a 3x3cm tongue
Step 20: Add a 1.5×1.5cm lip
Step 21: Screw component to component mount
Fixing together
Step 22: Fix component system into the hole above the speaker. There should be one screw hole to the left of the door. Placing the component holder behind the door should reach this hold for fixing
Step 23: Connect the speaker main feed to the component
Step 24: Connect the tweeter to the component system (I used the -3db point)
Step 25: Connect woofer to component then fix into door
Step 26: Test the system
Step 27: Place door card back onto door then screw into place
Repeat the above for the other door

Speakers can be brought from Halfords or your local car audio shop