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Colt Boot Install

Parts Used:

2x MDF sheets (from B&Q), 2x2x3m length of wood (from B&Q), AMP (Sony 1002 and JL e2150) , Sub (Sony XPlod 8″ 350w RMS), CD Changer (Sony CDX-616 10 Disc Changer), AudioLeads starter kit (incs, Power cable, speaker cable, remote switch cable and phono cable), 2×9″ neon light (KoolGlo Slim Accent Tubes from Neoquip)

Fake Boot floor install | Battery Wiring Up | Head Unit Install | Cabling Installation | Finishing Touches | Power Up

Fake Boot floor install:

Remove Carpet and wheel cover from the boot

Draw around wheel cover on new MDF to create a new floor base used to mount the AMPs etc.
Cut out board and cut out breather holes for where the AMPs lay in your design (this helps with heat dispersion and weight)
Fix AMPs and Power cable splitter *1 to the floor base
Sub Creation step-by-step Information can be found here, however we would recommend that you follow the manufactures guidelines
Fix raisers to MDF making sure that they are slightly higher than the AMPs you are using
Fix raisers at the points that will support the top base of the floor
Place into boot and make sure that it fits and removes without any problems

Take MDF top sheet

Place carpet from boot onto MDF sheet and draw around
Cut out top sheet
Slice top sheet in half and create holes for sub and viewing points (if required)
Place into boot and make sure that the sheet fits. It might take several tweeks until it will fit
If you have cut a viewing hold I would check to make sure that the perspex fits
Place both sheets in and make sure that they fit in the boot
Place Sub and CD-Changer into place and tweek until it fits
Battery Wiring Up:

Remove negative terminal from battery (Black) before doing any wiring *1

Fix live cable to the following point on the battery
Fit fuse holder to car using zip ties
Find this point at the passanger foot well – make hole through gromet – push a scrape cable through and attach to live wire and pull through
This is the point where the cable goes through from the bonnet
Head Unit (H/U)Install:

Remove existing head unit (refer to car manual) unclip H/U metal fixing plate.

Place H/U fixing plate for your stereo
Remove dash so that you can get to the cables easier
Add additional cables (AMP’s, CD-Changer etc.) if required
Pull cables through and place dash back into place
Place cables into the back of the head unit – Ignition and start point power may need crossing or joining on the ISO connector – refer to Headunit documentation and car manual
Slide Head unit into place and test.
Cabling Installation:

Pull back passanger and Driver carpet and start to lay cables underneath

Remove plastic seal from driver and passanger sides
Just pull until it unclips
Pull back carpet
Lay cables between the carpet and chassis on both sides – it’s suggested to not lay the audio cables near to the power cables (Change controller, Live wire, AMP remote cable)
Unclip rear seat as shown – there are 2 clips equally apart that need to be removed
Remove seat base
Pull cables through
Once through push to boot (under back of seat)
Pull through into boot – neons can now be added at this point – please see MG Boot for more details
Finishing Touches:

Push carpet, seals and seats back into place.

Make sure that everthing fits into boot if not trim into place
Lay and fix carpet onto top of floor.
Trim and place into boot. You may also want to implement a FAN system to move the heat away from the AMP’s – Suggest using 12V PC FANs and making a relay unit to power them
Power Up:

Place earth back onto battery *1

Test equipment and make sure all works – if you have any problems please refer to the FAQ’s
Random Pictures

Remarks *1 – With 2 amps you need at the least 4awg with 80amp fuse no more than 18” from the positive terminal of your battery. Then wire this in to a two way fused splitter with 8awg or 12awg with 40amp fuses then in to your amps. Each amp MUST use the same size cable for the earth as used for live and MUST be earthed at the same point in the car.

‘If you don’t feel comfortable in doing this I suggest that you find a Car Audio Installer to do it for you’