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ZR Door Speaker Install

ZR Door Speaker Install


17cm speakers and 2.5cm tweeters (Infinity Refrence 605cs 90w RMS) , Sheet of MDF 18mm deep, speaker cable and clips (autoleads and halfords), Dynamat

Step 1: Open Door

Step 2: Remove plastic cover door handle and remove the 3 screws then remove the botton screw (door pocket) in the door
Step 3: Remove Interior door panel by pulling the bottom (brut force is required to get off as it is fixed by several plastic clips) then lifting the top of the door over the lock and then sliding out
Step 4: Unscrew and unclip the speakers from the door
Step 5: Modify the tweeter so that it fits into the tweeter hole on the Interior door panel and then super glue in place
Step 6: Now fit the crossover box to the Interior door cover by using super glue – The cross over should fit near to the tweeter
Step 7: Attach the tweeter cable, stereo speaker cable and the mid speaker cable to the crossover
Step 8: Build a MDF fixing plate for the speaker (make sure the depth of the MDF is 5mm or you will have to modify the corner closes to the door as shown in the picture) – the way I did this was to use the exsisting speaker and draw around it on the MDF and then cut it out – others have used the exsisting speaker plate by knocking out the old rover speaker
Step 9: Place dynamat on both sides of the MDF
Step 10: fix speaker to MDF (or plastic surround) then feed cable from crossover to the speaker then fix to door
Step 11: Once speaker is wired up test speakers to make sure that they are working
Step 12: remove from Interior door panel lock pin cover
Step 13: Slide Interior door panel into the corner of the door then slid over the top of the lock and fix into place
Step 14: Place lock pin cover over the lock and push back into place
Step 15: run though setps 1 – 14 for the other door and then test

Speakers can be brought from Halfords or your local car audio shop