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ZR Neon Grill Install

ZR Neon Grill Install


Required Components:

15″ neon (KoolGlo Accent Tube – M/N SA-151 – avalible from neoquip), Remote control (from GBdriver), zip ties

Step 1: Open bonnet and fuse box
Step 2: place switch (provided with neon) on to the mains power
Step 3: Fix switch cable to the red cable on the remote box
Step 4: fix black cable from the remote box to the ‘-’ part on the battery (this is where the other black cables are situated)
Step 5: Zip tie remote box to where the EPU is situated
Step 6: Place 2 zip ties to the top part of the botton grill (to do this push plastic flap near to the radiator towards the grill and then place using your hands
Step 7: Push the spare power cable (provided with the neon) though in to the grill area and then though to the other side (flap side) and then fix cable to the neon cable
Step 8: Place silicon around the ends of the tude then push the Neon tude though the flap near to the radiator and then zip tie on.
Step 9: the cable from the neon fix to the yellow cables on the remote box (for more information see diagram provided in the package)
Step 10: push all of the cable though to the remote box and zip tie to the zip tie on the remote box

Step: 11: Test neon and make sure that it switches on by using the remote

Problem 1: Neon doesn’t switch on

Resolution 1: Make sure that the remote is grounded. Try switching the neon on by standing closer to it

Problem 2: Remote distance is ver short

Resolution 2: Move ariel to be inside the car

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