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VAG the mini hot hatch debate

Which VAG that is the question? I’m on my way to the Hemel ski centre, sat in my friends Skoda Octavia Vrs. We were having a debate about the best VAG and what we thought was the best looking and good value for money VAG hot hatch. On our journey we saw most of them.

Skoda Fabia Vrs £15,700 – in the last year this car has had a facelift and new engine 1.4 turbo and supercharger producing 180 Bhp with the DSG 7 Gear box, the cheapest here. Most people have resignations about the name you shouldn’t as it is just a VAG, I know that is easy to say and I for one still struggle, for me they need to make the car more appealing in the looks department and then I feel the name will become less of an issue.

VW Polo GTI £18,790 – the second most expensive here and personally can’t really see a place for it, it has the same engine as the Skoda, same looks the same, only difference being the badge.

Audi A1 S-Line 185 £20,705 – the newest of the VAG mini hatches and producing slightly more power 185bhp has a more aggressive look, and from the front could be mistaken for any of its bigger brothers. The most expensive of the VAG’s but is it really worth in. The part-leather sport seats have been beautifully created and feel great. I can’t help but love the front grill very aggressive looking, however it’s still a very box’y looking car which for some this is fine but from me it’s needs to have more curb appeal. The price is the main factor I wouldn’t put this in top position, however the residuals are high.

Seat Ibiza Cupra £17,020– with the same engine as the Skoda, with some Spanish flare, this for me is the best looking of all and the second cheapest, for me makes it the best choice. The exterior looks more aggressive with all the lumps and bumps are in all the right places. The interior has been well throughout.

So what is my choice well that wouldn’t be a VAG it would be the Clio RS 200 £16,810 as the DSG isn’t as engaging, has more power and a fantastic chassis. However taking that out of the equation for looks and price it has to be the Seat followed by the Skoda.